Pal-E's UPCOMING GIGS 


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  • Magical Mount Kailash (Original Mix)3:00


June 3 ,2016

House Pack Show at Privee, New Delhi with Guy Mantzur, Ankytrixx and Pal-E
Tremendous Response
Presented by Ankytrixx and Friends Entertainment.

1. Pal-E - Run to the Sun

   (Original Mix)

​2. Pal-E - Walking on Glaciers

   (Original Mix)

​More Coming Soon..Stay tuned!

  • Labyrinth (Original Mix)3:08


September 16-26 , 2016
The Biggest Lost & Found India Tour with Guy J and Guy Mantzur Presented by AFE was a Superhit tour across all 7 cities with fantastic shows and amazing vibes everywhere.

  • Run to the Sun (Original Mix)2:00


  • Evaluate (Original Mix)3:00